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Job seekers optimistic as unemployment rate rises

Georgia's unemployment rate is up again, it rose to 10.3 percent in September.

That's the highest level since January.

The state added 3,600 jobs last month, but that wasn't enough to keep up with growth in the number of people looking for work.

Tara Guilford is one of the millions of unemployed Americans.  She's been looking for a job for more than six months and it's beginning to takes a toll on her as she and her husband take care of five children.

She came to the career fair, Thursday, at Albany Technical College, hoping it would work out better than previous searches.

"They constantly say we're having career fairs and we're hiring here and there, but there are no doors open right now at this moment, so I'm just out here every day, continuing to look for a job," said Guilford.

Kayotris Johnson is in the same boat as Guilford.

She is currently in school and says her 7-year-old daughter is her motivation to keep searching for jobs because her survival depends on it.

"I have to provide for me and her so you just can't stop because one person says you're not qualified. You got to keep pushing and keep trying," said Johnson.

Both have a word of advice for those who may become discouraged in these uncertain economic times.

"Put God first. Don't give up. Just keep your strength and believe me one day you will receive it," said Guilford.

"No better advice but to pray and ask God. Keep wishing no matter what," said Johnson.

Guilford and Johnson both say they're planning for the future, and looking forward to brighter days.

September was the 50th straight month Georgia has exceeded the national unemployment rate which is currently 9.1 percent.   


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