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Ashburn gets water back

People in Ashburn are glad to have their water back. A broken water main interrupted service the last couple of days.

Story Street in Ashburn was closed Thursday afternoon while workers put new water pipes into the ground. The old water main burst Tuesday morning and was fixed, but only temporarily.

"Early Wednesday morning, the line busted again shortly above the repair and we were able to repair that by one o'clock Wednesday afternoon," said Ashburn City Manager Ben Taylor.

The water has been on since then. When it was out, it only affected part of Ashburn. And not many people lost water completely.

"The majority were low pressure," said Taylor. "There were some affected in some of the higher areas with the low pressure which would result in no water at all."

Improvements to water lines in Ashburn have been going on for years. And these should last a while.

The pipe that was in the ground lasted about 60 years until it got that burst Tuesday. A polyurethane pipe is what is going in the ground now to replace that. And it should last a few hundred years.

The city says they will try to make sure older pipes get replaced before they burst.

"We see no further problem, but that doesn't eliminate the fact that we're going to work proactively to upgrade some of those older lines as we have been," said Taylor.

They have already replaced about 90% of their water mains.

The outage reduced water pressure for some Ashburn restaurants. But it was not bad enough to force them to close.


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