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Sunbelt Expo demonstrates technology


The weather was beautiful for the last day of the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

The cold and wet first two days were less than ideal weather conditions for the outdoors event.

Field demonstrations were canceled yesterday because of the rain, disappointing news for many visitors.

But they were back on today.

As the puddles dried up, demonstrations were back on today, after being canceled yesterday at the Sunbelt Expo.

"A lot of customers wanted to see it yesterday and were disappointed when they didn't get to see it, so we are looking forward to getting to actually letting them see it out in the field," says Jim Noonan, John Deere Engineer.

Crowds were drawn to the 600 acre working farm where they got to see the latest in cotton picking technology.

"We are bumping the power from 500 horse power to 530 horse power, we are giving you another 30 horse power boost, so especially in these mud conditions like we are seeing today, that extra power really comes in handy to maintain travel speed in the field," says Noonan.

These kids were mesmerized by the massive machine.

"I think it is really neat I want to ride it," says Danielle Voscinar.

They were doing some picking of their own in the cotton fields.

"It is just really fluffy and we know that most clothes are made out of it," says Voscinar.

Noonan says by doing these demonstrations, he hopes to help Georgia cotton farmers.

"What we are doing is not only helping the farmer customer to be able to pick more cotton faster and increase the grade of the cotton, but help the gin industry and improve efficiency there as well," says Noonan.

Increase productivity, one cotton picker at a time.

Organizers are already planning for next year's expo.

They are accepting vendor applications for the 35th Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo.

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