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Don't you dare cross these two ladies

During rush hour traffic, two women are not afraid to say stop.  "See how fast these cars are going?", said Crossing Guard Cindy Barge. 

They try to make sure your little ones make it to their destination safely! "When they see that building they get excited. You have to be watchful," said Crossing Guard Nellie Parks.

Both ladies are retired in their 70's and still love their part-time gig. "When I leave from here, I go to Phoebe northwest and walk," said Barge. 

The pay is modest and they only work two hours a day. But pay day comes everyday.  "Sometimes people pass by and say' thank you', or 'you're doing a great job.' That makes my day," said Parks.

"I try to get them to come on, because you know children like to play," said Barge. 

The most dangerous part of the job is when drivers don't stop.  "I asked the kids to stay here. Until I'm sure the car is going to stop. But not every car stops,"said Parks. 

"I make sure those cars are stopped, before I step out there.  I love me," said Barge.

They have a right to be cautious almost being ran over. "Sometimes cars will turn while I'm in the street," said Parks.

"I was slow getting across the street but I still had my sign up. And this man almost ran me over. I called the law on him," said Barge.

But coming to that crossroads everyday is just part of the job. 

Remember the speed limit is 25 mph in a school zone. If you run a Crossing Guards stop sign, your tag number will be turned over to police. You just might receive a ticket.

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