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Weather affects Expo attendance


The weather is hurting attendance at the Sunbelt Ag Expo. Day two got off to a cool start this morning.

It was still wet too after two inches of rain fell in Moultrie Tuesday, forcing some changes to North America's Premier Farm Show.

Attendance at the Expo was off by about 30 percent yesterday because of the rain.

But thousands of people still ventured out in the cold to see the latest technology in agriculture.

The tractor demonstrations were not in the cotton fields at the Sunbelt Expo this year, instead they were being used to pull cars out of the muddy parking lots.

"We had a tractor in the parking lot and we had to pull a couple out and that just goes with the territory when you have so much rain," says Chip Blalock, Sunbelt Ag Expo Exec. Director.

Over the last 8 days it has rained 6 inches in Moultrie, causing a few changes to the Expo's schedule of events.

"We are not able to do our field demonstrations in cotton and peanut harvest and the driving ranges," says Blalock.

"A lot of people I have talked to are disappointed because they cant see the demonstrations," says Glen Ezell.

But the weather did not keep many people away.

"We had a great turn out yesterday in the rain, today we have got another great turn out, it is a little chilly today, but most of the times at Expo, it is hot and we are fanning gnats, so this is a trade off," says Blalock.

But some visitors say they would rather trade back and deal with the heat and pests.

"I think I would rather battle the gnats than the cold weather," says Ezell.

Visitors bundled up and some did not mind the cold. These girls were even eating ice cream and drinking smoothies in the windy weather.

"When it is cold you can cover yourself up with blankets and jackets, when its hot you cant do much," says

The ABAC booth was a popular spot, as they were selling sweat shirts.

"We sell them every year but today is of course a cold day so everybody is wanting to get sweatshirts," says Ashley Williamson, ABAC Interim P.R. Director.

Even through the cold and wind, it was a great day to come out and see the latest technology in farming equipment.

"The farmers are not able to get in their field so he might as well come to expo and learn something to help his bottom line in 2012," says Blalock.

Two parking lots had to be closed due to yesterday's rain.

Thursday will get off to a cold start, but we're expecting nothing but sunshine all day.

Expo managers still expect 70,000 people to come through the gates for the 3-day show.

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