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Some teachers/administrators need subpoenas to talk

Investigators had to get subpoenas to force some Dougherty County School System teachers and administrators to answer their questions as the CRCT cheating probe winds down.

Investigators say most educators have been cooperative, but some had to be compelled to sit down with investigators. Some invoked their 5th amendment rights and refused to answer questions. Today some were being questioned for the first time. For others, it was their second or third. Attorney Howard Stiller, who represents a significant number of teachers, said they're trying to cooperate as best they can given the circumstances.

"Until the investigators complete their investigation and they will then be issuing the report and delivering the report to Tommy Coleman and the school system then we'll know what it is they found and in better position to comment on it," said Howard Stiller, Attorney for several teachers

"If we find any wrongdoing we will report those individuals to the Professional standards commission, the Professional standards commission will then investigate that from a licensure standpoint and our report will be given to the district attorney here and he and his staff will take a look at it to determine what if any charges criminally they want to interpose against anyone," said Bob Wilson, CRCT Lead Investigator.

Stiller says teachers are watching closely to see whether prosecutors in Atlanta file criminal charges against educators there to get an indication of what might happen here.

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