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4 charged in 43 car break ins

CORDELE (WALB) - It's stuff many of us leave in our cars everyday: GPS systems, cameras, laptops. But the owners of these items found them swiped from their own driveways.

"Anything that wasn't an easy target to pick up, wasn't too heavy, and didn't take a lot of time to grab is what they were doing," said Crisp County Sheriff Donnie Haralson.

 A total of 43 cars were broken into in seven subdivisions within 3 weeks.

"They weren't targeting just one particular area, they were spreading out all over the place," Haralson said.

In an effort to catch the crooks, Sheriff Haralson amped up patrols and an attentive deputy got the break they were looking for last week.

She spotted a suspicious car in the Timberland subdivision where cars had been broken into. Deputies stopped Robert Hauseler leaving the neighborhood in the early morning hours.

After conducting a search, they found some of the stolen loot and soon discovered he wasn't acting alone.

"We got one person, then we got another person, and another, and another. It sort of grew from there. They (deputies) just did great work," said Haralson.

Hauseler was arrested along with Travis Sanders and Kelley Courson. They're charged with 34 counts of entering auto and 1 count of theft by taking. Chasity Morgan was also linked the trio and charged with 5 counts of criminal attempt to commit theft.

"They were basically just riding around and casing places out," Haralson said.

But the vehicles they hit were all unlocked - and with that comes  a warning from the suspects themselves.

"If the vehicles was locked and the window was up, they would leave it alone. But if they came by and saw a window down and thought the vehicle was unlocked, they would drop somebody off, ride around the block and come back and get them," said Haralson who urges residents to write down serial numbers of electronic items and firearms.

Sheriff Haralson says his investigators are following up with pawn shops to see if any stolen items ended up there.

If anyone in the Crisp County area believes they had items stolen out of their vehicles, they're asked to call the CCSO at 229-276-2600.

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