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Thrush Aircraft partners with Canadian service

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One Albany company is flying high through the down economy. Thrush Aircraft is adding jobs and boosting production as it sells more crop dusters overseas.

But that's not the only way the local company is going global.

Thrush just signed a deal with a Canadian company to be the newest service and support facility in the Thrush service network. Thrush leaders say their international growth could lead to big challenges. But, they are ready.

For 41 years, Thrush aircraft has built crop dusters right here in Albany. In just a couple of months, they are going to crank up their production.

"We are increasing our production of aircrafts," said Eric Rojek, Vice President of Thrush Aircraft. "Starting in January, we are going to four aircrafts a month. Which, right now, is a 25% increase."

Along with increased production, they are teaming up with other companies to service the Thrush airplanes. The latest is Yorkton Aircraft Service in Saskatchewan, Canada, a place very rich in agriculture.

"Canada is a growing market right now," Rojek said. "They are quite a bit of Ag aircrafts. To have a facility located right at the heart of that agriculture in Canada and one the quality of York is something we're really excited about."

Better service for Thrush planes means the company will be more likely to sell more planes in that region. Canada has a lot of land, but a small season for agriculture. Thrush has to be efficient to grow in the Canadian market.

But, efficiency is why they say they are booming in a time when most business cannot.

"We make the best product in the business," Rojek said." One, we have to continue with the quality, while we're increasing production. One of the unique challenges we have is how to continue to be successful, but also grow."

They seem to be meeting that challenge by growing here at home and around the world.


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