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Moody AFB Issues Gunnery and Bombing Notice

Moody Air Force Base near Valdosta issued an official cautionary notice for its gunnery and bombing range.

Press Release Below

MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Moody Air Force Base is issuing its periodic official notice to area residents of surrounding counties concerning daily Grand Bay Bombing and Gunnery Range and training airspace operations.

This also concerns the personal safety of recreational or hunting enthusiasts that might use range property available as part of the Wildlife Management Area. The range is located east of Moody in Lanier and Lowndes Counties.

Military personnel regularly use the range and its surrounding airspace Monday to Friday during various hours for tactical air and ground maneuvers as well as weapons training. The U.S. Air Force Reserves also use the range and airspace on specified weekends. 

During the hours of operation, local residents will see aerial flares and hear gunnery and bombing activities. This is due to military aircraft performing maneuvers in different directions and altitudes while approaching and departing the range. Low-flying, high-speed aircraft are common over various counties east of Moody AFB.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources oversees recreational use of portions of Grand Bay Range. Range management urges all range visitors and recreational users to be aware of hazardous materials and dangerous objects that might be found on range. Do not pick up or handle objects encountered nor enter any vehicles located on the range. Please contact range personnel at 229-257-2765 if objects are found.

Please review safety briefings and observe warnings posted at the Georgia DNR check station at the public entry point on U.S. Highway 221. Observe and obey all signs posted on the perimeter of and throughout the range. Please remain out of and do not disturb environmentally sensitive areas.

Recreational users should contact the local Georgia Department of Natural Resources office located on Grand Bay Range. Contact range personnel at 229-257-3510 or 229-257-2765 for more information. The 23rd Wing Public Affairs office can be reached at 229-257-3007. Visit Moody's official website for more information on Moody and to view current news releases.  Information is updated daily on our Facebook page, simply search Moody Air Force Base.

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