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Hey there Mr. Postman

Have you noticed a lot of advertising mail lately? According to the Associated Press, That's because more and more people, are using the Internet to send messages and pay bills.

But how does that affect people who work for the post office?  Every time you use the post office more people keep their jobs.

Charlie Grinder is hardworking and a team player. He's been delivering mail for 49 years. "Ryan this was 1965. And they issued new bicycles and it was great," said Grinder. 

His first mode of transportation wasn't a truck, but a bicycle. He rode it seven miles a day no matter what. "This was 1986. And it was one of our newest trucks when we started delivering mail," he said. 

Grinder loves being a postman, because it's important."I think the people look forward to getting their mail. They're always expecting something in the mail. And it's my privilege to supply that need to the community,"said Grinder. 

 According to the associated press, the united states post office has had all sorts of problems. "There's not nearly the personal mail it used to be," said Grinder. 

They've had to give pink slips to more than 100,000 employees. And a huge budget crunch as well. "It would be total devastation for me. I'm totally depended upon the post office and always have been," he said. 

Email maybe the culprit. More and more people are using Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Facebook to send messages. "I know email and stuff is taking over. But there is still a need for the united states post office," he said. 

 Do you plan on retiring? "As long as the lord gives me health, I'll be right here," said Grinder.

To view a complete list of all post offices that might be closed click HERE.

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