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Why did the gator cross the road?

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Why did an 8-feet long alligator cross Gillionville and Westover road Friday morning at 1:00? Apparently, it was just trying to go back home.

DNR officials believe the gator came from a swampy area behind Mount Zion Baptist Church. A driver called 911 after spotting the gator, sitting in the intersection of Oakridge and Westover.

A wild life technician for DNR came out while APD officers were on hand to assist with traffic. First it was tied to the truck, and his mouth was taped shut, so he couldn't bite.

The gator was then put on a truck and transported to a wild life management area. 

"All the rain that we've gotten recently is what has caused the alligator to come out. He's just trying to go back where he came from," said DNR Wildlife Technician Adam Deals.

Well to help him out of the road and too a new home took about three hours.