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Deer Season means more wrecks

First glance deer can seem harmless, but they can be a huge headache for Drivers, especially in the fall and winter.

"We get more deer crossing the road, and we will get more hits this time of year when deer season opens up," says Tammy Mays of Charlie's Auto Body and Paint Shop.

And repairs aren't cheap.

"Some can be around two, three, or four hundred dollars and we've had cases as high as 5 to 6 thousand dollars," says Mays.

Deer hits not only can ruin the body of your car but cause it to break down as well.

Mays says, "If you hit the deer low on the car or the deer is a small deer, and the deer rolls up underneath the car, it could mess up your radiator and condenser."

"Although many insurance companies cover collisions caused by animals you may want to make sue that deductible will cover all costs"

"A lot of people don't realize or pay attention to the specifics on their policy before they actually need it, most of the time people have a lower deductible when its an animal hit," says Mays.

And insurance is a big factor in preventing these accidents from emptying your wallet.

"Dusk to dawn deer seem to be everywhere and a majority of our claims do come from deer," says State Farm Agent Al Hatcher.

He and other agents hand out deer whistles to attach to the car, and with deer season approaching we all can use any help we can get.

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