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Stolen money or mismanagement in Arlington

Money meant for a program to feed children went into the pockets of leaders in a south Georgia town.

The GBI is investigating to determine if it was criminal or just mismanagement.

An audit of the city of Arlington's Bright from the Start summer feeding program revealed 30-thousand dollars is missing.

The city paid workers to oversee the program even though the city council never approved that.

The audit also found thousands of dollars from the program was used to overpay Mayor Marvin King, Former Mayor Jerome Brackins, city clerk Mary Jane King, and council woman Sonya Buie.

"There's the question of where all this money went if it didn't go to the right place, where did it go? I think the review as you can see shows where some of it went, but we don't know where all of it went so the council is going to hopefully law enforcement will investigate that and take appropriate action," said Tommy Coleman Arlington City Attorney.

The audit also found incorrect payments for mileage. Plus, more than four thousand meals in the month of June alone can't be accounted for. Council woman Sonya Buie resigned over the scandal.

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