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Specialists investigate A-10 crash


New details on the investigation into last month's military jet crash in south Georgia. A-10 specialists from other air force bases are now involved.

They're trying to determine what caused the Moody Air Force Base A-10 to go down in Cook County.

An emergency manager says they used computer modeling to track down the ejection seat.

The cause of the A-10 crash is still under investigation. On September 26, a pilot on a training mission, called in an in flight emergency and ejected. That jet crashed northeast of Berlin. Ken Spears, the installation Emergency Manager at Moody Air Force Base, was on site.

"When we got out there it was still smoldering smoking," said Spears. "It was just a general mess because we were in a swampy type area."

The area it crashed in was a slough's runoff.

"It was very silty," said Spears. "The plane went deep into it and it was a chore to get it out."

They found the jet right side up.

"The wings were broken off it was pretty much self-contained."

Wreckage from that crash is now at Moody Air Force Base being investigated by A-10 specialists.

Spears says the ejection seat was found about 700 meters from the crash site.

"They were almost done and ready to give up and just call it quits when one of the guys came over and said 'oh look the ejection seat.'

They were able to locate the area where it might be using computer modeling.

"It was a little island in the middle of the lake," said Spears.

Now he says they've finished recovering the parts and now they're working on restoring the site of the crash. 

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