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Bank robbery photos released

Albany Police release surveillance images from yesterday's armed robbery of an East Albany credit union.

Whether they'll be any help remains to be seen.

Investigators initially said the quality of the video was so poor, it wasn't much good to them.

Security experts tell us since banks were the first businesses to have surveillance cameras,  many still have old systems that need updating.

Police were finally able to get photos of the masked gunman who held up the Albany Federal Employees Credit Union Tuesday morning from their surveillance equipment, but it took an entire day. We found out that the city of Albany requires stores that sell alcohol to have up to date surveillance systems, but not banks.

The frightening photo of the bank robber shows him masked, and pointing the pistol threateningly at tellers. There is also a photo of his feet. But take a look at the photo, and you can see the streaking in the video, reducing the quality of the picture.

Albany Federal Employees Credit Union Marketing Director Keith Southwell said "We don't want to speak about the equipment with the ongoing investigation. And give the Police a chance to do the job they are here to do for us."

The city of Albany in the last 2 years required all alcohol selling stores to install the latest digital surveillance camera systems, but not other businesses like banks.

City Attorney Nathan Davis said "To bet a better resolution at these type locations. The new one has a ton of technical items. I understand they mean a better type of picture will be produced."

Nottingham North Apartments installed the latest surveillance camera system throughout their complex, to better safeguard the community. Alarm Detect dot com owner Jay Carpenter says today's equipment is far superior to that just a few years old.

Carpenter said "The banks have had their camera systems. Sometimes it's hard to update that technology. But a lot of them are doing it. I guess a lot of them need to update."

Carpenter said businesses with older surveillance systems should test them at least monthly, to make sure they are working properly.

Today Albany Federal Employees Credit Union's board of directors offered a $2500 reward to catch this gunman, who robbed their Johnson Road branch. That branch re-opened at regular hours today.

That $2500 reward is for information that leads to the arrest of the bank robber. Call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS if you have any information.

City Attorney Nathan Davis said requiring banks and other businesses to have up to date surveillance systems is something that commissioners might look into.

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