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Digging Deeper: Stolen school books cost system thousands

Dougherty County School Investigators now believe several students may have been involved in selling stolen school books to Dork's Bookstore in Albany.

We first told you about this story last week when investigators arrested 18-year old Dontevious Hosley and charged him with theft.

Investigators have a better idea where those books came from and say Dougherty County isn't the only school system where books were stolen.

Dougherty County School Police investigators were back at Dork's Textbooks on Gillionville Road Wednesday to continue questioning employees about stolen books they purchased. They now have a better idea where those books were stolen from.

"A lot of the books are coming from Monroe High School and the South Georgia Regional Achievement Academy," said Assistant Dougherty County Schools Police Chief J.C. Phillips.

Dougherty High also reported missing books. I18 year old Dontavious Hosley, who attends South Georgia Regional Achievement Center, is charged with theft, police today revealed how little he received for the books worth thousands.

"He sold to them I believe it was, $1,200 in books in return for $20.00," said Phillips.

Investigators are now pouring over surveillance video trying to determine just how many students might be involved.

"We're going back to at least August first, the beginning of the school year," said Phillips.

Digging deeper investigators say Dougherty County Schools aren't the only victim.

"We did see books from other counties, Worth County in particular and Lee County, so it's not just Dougherty County having this problem in fact it's nationwide problem," said Phillips.

A costly problem, during tight budget times. Investigators say, 41 textbooks and 46 calculators were recovered, but that doesn't account for stolen books already shipped back to the distribution center that investigators say may never be recovered.

Investigators say workers at Dork's Textbooks are cooperating with them, but that doesn't mean they're immune from possible charges. Investigators aren't sure when more arrests might be made.

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