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VSU students help migrant farm workers


Students at Valdosta State University are helping a clinic that helps migrant farm workers.

They donated food, clothes, and a space heater to the clinic in Lake Park.

Their professor says despite the fact many of the students are struggling to make ends meet themselves. They're finding ways to help others.

Students fill bags with more than 200 cans of vegetables, cereal, and rice for migrant workers. They pass the food down an assembly line and into a van. Julie Cupp the Migrant Farm Worker Clinic coordinator says when the crops aren't there, migrant workers don't have money to feed their families.

"It's extremely important and I'm very grateful that they are making such a huge difference in the community," said Cupp. "This university makes a difference."

She says tougher immigration laws are having a big impact.

"The only thing I can tell you is that it's really hurting the economy of Georgia because they get scared and they take off and they're afraid," said Cupp.

Students in the Self and Community Service Class learned all about migrant workers and the struggles they face.

"They have a job only in a particular season and if we don't help them after that seasons done then they won't be able to be here for us," said Candice Hunt.

Dr. Hochschild says they heard about the need and the class wanted to help.

"We all though it was an important decision based on social issues and human rights something we focus a lot on in class."

They've collected donations for a week and a half and One student even donated a space heater. Julie Cupp says their contributions will make a huge difference. 

Many migrants workers make 7.50 cents per hour and often time domestic violence goes unreported. A lot of migrant women are victims of domestic abuse because when their husband can't find work, he starts drinking.

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