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Universities may see full funding

Albany State University students say recent tuition hikes hit them hard.  They're glad they may not see another increase next year. 

"That's a good opportunity for me. That's more money. That's how I look at it, more money for me," said ASU Freshman Javaughn Shuman

"I think it's a good break for college students because for the past two years tuition has gone up and its al lot of complaining going on about the tuition," said ASU Junior Antonio Parks.

University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby said that he's "cautiously optimistic" that the state's 35 public colleges and universities will receive full funding for the next fiscal year.

That means universities could see hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend, students may see lower tuition increases and see some new faces around campus.

"We won't have to make cuts. We've made cuts the last three years. We cut staff positions. We haven't cut any faculty, we tried to keep them in the classroom, but we haven't been able to grow," said Vice President of Fiscal Affairs Larry Wakefield.

Wakefield says the increase in funding will trickle down the pipeline of ASU all the way to the students.

As for those students, when asked what they would do with the extra money, this was their response.

"I would save the money. I mean, you can't go and blow it. Just spend it wisely," said Shuman.

"Invest. I got to invest and build for my future," said Parks.

If the University System gets full funding next fiscal year, it could mean an infusion of $100-million for the state's 35 cash-strapped campuses.

The state has cut spending for the university system by more than one billion dollars over the last five years, at a time when enrollment has increased drastically.


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