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Two projects could create million dollar impact in Albany

Job creation is what all the politicians are talking about lately, but there has been precious little action.

Monday, the Albany Dougherty Payroll Development Authority took action they say will create local jobs and help the local economy.

They approved bonds that will help Darton College build a new dorm and help an Albany company expand.

Economic development officials say they've been looking for a sign of economic recovery here in south Georgia. They're not sure this is it, they're doing everything they can to make projects like these two come to life.

The newest dormitory at Darton College isn't even a year old and already plans are in the works for another. Today the Payroll Development Authority agreed to allow bonds to be floated up to 30 million dollars when Darton College is ready for more construction. The college's bond attorneys anticipate needing approval for the bonds before the end of the year, but they also still need approval from the Board of Regents before construction can begin. Economic Development officials see it as an investment in the college's and the community's future.

"I think it's just great to have new investment and people investing in our community and creating jobs is always a positive," said Ted Clem, Albany Dougherty Economic development Commission President.

Darton's project isn't the only one. The PDA also agreed to help an existing south Georgia business put this vacant land in the Parkway Industrial Park just off the bypass to use.

"We're trying to be very, very aggressive in doing whatever is possible to enable this company to come here and enable this company to employ our citizens," said Jeff Sinyard, Albany Payroll Development Authority Chairman.

While they won't disclose the company, they plan to utilize nearly 8.7 acres to build a new small to medium sized distribution center.

"It would probably mean an increase of 10 to 15 jobs, perhaps more. It will be from a very fine company that likes this area and likes this market and feels like they could be successful here long term," said Clem.

Last December Darton College floated the bonds for their newest dorm and it was ready for students by September. Back then they had 300 students on a waiting list for housing, and they talked of the potential for more construction. While they haven't set a time line for the new project, many expect it to follow previous patterns.

Darton College also didn't have a price tag for the project still in the planning stages. The approval from the Payroll Development Authority is just not to exceed 30 million dollars.

The two projects will likely create more than a hundred construction jobs. Darton's first 210 bed dorm opened in August 2009. Students moved into the second dorm a couple of months ago. That dorm cost 9-million dollars to construct.

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