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Debit card users beware at the pump

Rose Gadson is upset over what she calls an "unfair" charge on her debit card. 

She says she pumped $22 worth of gas at the Murphy USA on Cordele Road, but when she got home and checked her account, she found she'd been charged a lot more.

"I was just lying in my bed and something said check your card and I checked my card and sure enough it said $75 to Murphy Oil," said Gadson.

Gadson was looking at a temporary hold charge. The charge is taken off after a certain period of time. She says it came at a pretty crummy time.

"That was my light bill money… that was to pay my light bill with," said Gadson.

After we talked with Murphy representatives they explained that the temporary hold goes on unrecognizable debit cards and gift cards, as a way to make sure they get paid if there aren't sufficient funds on the card.

And Murphy isn't the only station that practices this. We called around and companies such as Shell, BP, and Kangaroo also put temporary holds on certain debit cards and gift cards.

Gadson still isn't convinced the practice is the right thing to do.

"I mean, you think about it. That may be the last dollars on somebody's card and they take it off. That could be money to buy groceries for the children," said Gadson.

Gadson's hold was taken off her account, but it took longer than the 36 hour period she was promised.

Gadson is a student at Albany Tech and her refund money was put on a type of reloadable debit card and that's why she was charged the temporary holding fee.

Murphy officials say if you want to avoid being charged the temporary holding fee, don't pay at the pump. You can still use the card, but you should pay at the register with the clerk.


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