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Group asks Albany community to organize to fight crime

The apparently random stabbing of a well-known autistic man in Albany has enraged many people in the community.

Now they're asking people to join them in a movement fighting crime.   To make Albany a safer place.

You have probably seen Lance Larson walking up and down North Slappey, or playing with Bo Henry's band at the Harvest Moon.

He is well liked, and when he was stabbed recently while walking, his family and friends decided it was time to take back our streets from criminals.

51 year old Lance Larson was stabbed four times last week while making his daily walk at 12th Avenue and Barnesdale Way from the Harvest Moon to his home in Lee County. Larson's niece and caretaker, Lorrie Jackson, said the community response was overwhelming.

Jackson said "Because there has been such an outpouring of love and concern about what has happened to Lance."

Now, Jackson and Bo Henry are leading a group trying to organize Albany and Lee County, asking them to take a stand to make our streets safer.

Bo Henry said "With all neighborhoods, Albany, Lee County, and really work on the future of this place. And make it a better place to live for all of us. Which is what we really want."

The group is hoping that more people will start neighborhood watches. Jason McCoy lives just a few doors from where Larson was attacked, and is working now to start a neighborhood watch there.

McCoy said "It could have happened to me, it could have happened to my wife, or our neighbors. We have to come up with a plan to see that this doesn't happen again."

Jackson and Henry are asking people to keep watch in the community,and report to police suspicious people or activity.

 Henry said "I believe that eventually they will move somewhere else if everytime they are lurking in a neighborhood, a policeman is coming up to them saying a neighbor called."

Jackson said no one should be afraid to walk the streets, and wants the community to join them to run crime out.  " We're not going to let go of our right to freedom and our right to enjoyment. We're going to do something about it," said Jackson.

Lance Larson is recovering from his wounds, but has some worries since the attacker has not been arrested yet. 

Bo Henry and Lorrie Jackson say hundreds of people have asked them how they can help Lance Larson after his attack. They say this is the them organize the community to report suspicious people and activities, and start up neighborhood watches. Link to Jackson's e-mail here.   Bo Henry and his partners raised $1500 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the man who attacked Lance Larson.

If you know anything about the crime,  call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.


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