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Plane crash kills Florida man


New information in a deadly Brooks County plane crash.                   

We now know that a Florida man was killed when the Luscombe 8-A plane he was a passenger in went down in field just south of Quitman.

It happened just before 3:00 PM Saturday afternoon. The pilot survived and called 911 but it took first responders nearly 2 hours to locate the wreckage, emergency crews having to rely on cell phone towers to get the crash site.

N.T.S.B. investigators arrived to figure out what caused the plane to go down.

"It was going (makes sputter sound), it did not sound right," says Curtis Peek, 5 year old neighbor.

5 year old Curtis Peek says he was playing in his backyard when he noticed a small plane flying low to the ground that did not seem to be flying right.

"The motor was cutting up I think, spitting and sputting," says Peek.

Pilot 71-year-old Larry Boiven and his passenger 31-year-old Jared Shilling were heading back to Bell, Florida from the Thomasville Fly-In.

"This mornings paper said a hundred and twenty something private aircraft flew in and that's all, i don't know, one did not make it home," says Donna Fuller, Neighbor.

They were flying in a 1941 Luscombe 8-A.

"The aircraft had some mechanical problems and tried to make it to the field behind me, the aircraft impacted some trees at the beginning of the forest area at the edge," says Jose Obregon, National Transportation Safety Board Investigator.

After documenting the scene, Investigator Jose Obregon describes the plane as 'mangled.'

"The right wind was separated from the fuselage and the aircraft probably went forward another 20 yards before it impacted the ground," says Obregon.

Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey says Shilling was a 'friend of a friend' of Boiven, who had asked several times to be taken for a flight.

Shilling was pronounced dead at the scene.

Boiven received facial fractures and other non life threatening injuries.

Boiven is being hospitalized at Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville.

The N.T.S.B. says it could be several months before the final report into the cause of the crash is released. This is the third aviation crash in south Georgia in two weeks, the second that was fatal.

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