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Dougherty County Police warn of car and home break ins

Dougherty County Police warn you about an increase in home and car burglaries in recent weeks.

Friday, they released some strange surveillance video of a man who tried to use a debit card stolen from a car in Dougherty County, to see if you could help identify him. 

The debit card was stolen October 1st or 2nd at the Riverpointe neighborhood. You have to see the tape to believe how he tried to get by the surveillance video cameras here.

Take a look at this guy. About 8:30 October 2nd he walks into Walmart with his face wrapped in medical gauze, one arm hidden under his coat. When he went to the electronics department and tried to buy laptops, x-box games, and I tunes and Apple gift cards, the clerk asked him about the bandages. He said he was in a car crash. But when the card was denied, he quickly left.

Dougherty County Police Captain Thomas Jackson said "He is a person of interest in these entering autos. We have had a handful of them over the county the last couple of weeks."

Investigators say most of the cars looted were in people's driveways, and were unlocked. So Police are asking you to lock your cars, even in your driveway.

Jackson said "These entering autos, they are a theft of opportunity. If they see a vehicle unlocked, they are going to rummage through it. And the majority of time, if it's lock, they are going to move onto the next one."

Dougherty County Police say they have also seen a rash of thefts from homes in Putney and Radium Springs. This scooter was just recovered by Police, after it was stolen from a carport in Putney.

Jackson said "We are asking the public's help. First secure your property, and second if you see something out of place, don't hesitate to call us and let us come check it out."

And Investigators ask you to take a look at this guy, wanted as a person of interest in these entering autos. He is described as a white male, 6 foot to 6-foot-2 inches tall.

Dougherty County Police say the best way to protect your car and home from thieves, lock your doors, and if you leave some items under a carport or outside, chain and lock it.

If you recognize that man under all that gauze in the surveillance video, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward for your confidential information.

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