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Neighborhoods gather to discuss housing developments

In March, HUD awarded the Albany Housing Authority one of 20 Choice Grants to plan a major neighborhood makeover in and around McIntosh Homes.

Dan McCarthy says, "Some of it is based on the need poverty ratios and things of that nature but its also on the ability to show HUD you can put a decent plan together"

The McIntosh community was built in 1952, and it hasn't changed much since then.

McCarthy says, " We've been doing a lot of outreach to what we like to call stake holders, both those in the target neighborhood as well as businesses."

People who live in nearby Palmyra Heights met to talk about the plans, and how their neighborhood can support it.

McCarthy says, "We picked that to try to form a bridge to the downtown area going up north to some very vibrant communities including Palmyra Heights and Rawson Circle."

McCarthy says the only way for the neighborhood project to be a success is with strong community support.

Mignon Givens has lived in McIntosh Homes for four years and would like to see improvements in her neighborhood.

Givens says, "I don't want to say yes, I live in the projects, but they are able to point those projects out."

Givens says, "The better looking the apartments and housing we may have, the more people will come in bring more jobs."

McCarthy says, "And we are trying to get their input and their vision for what they would like the neighborhood to be after a transformation."

Local leaders hope to finalize the plan by next fall and prove to HUD that a larger grant for this Albany neighborhood will be a wise investment.

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