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Butterfly Kisses helps out attacked Autistic man

Albany police are still searching for the man who attacked an autistic man Monday afternoon.

Advocates for people with disabilities are reaching out to the victim. Lance Larson was stabbed four times as he walked along 12th Avenue in a random attack.

Representatives from Butterfly Kisses Playground and Easter Seals want to make it easier for him to get around town. They want to give him a bicycle to give him more freedom and make him less vulnerable.

Rosalyn Kirk of Butterfly Kisses and Easter Seals says, "People with disabilities want the same things that we want: to be able to live, learn, work, and play in the communities and Easter seals are here to support people like Lance."

The organizations are looking for support to get a bike or three wheeler. Larson's family say they appreciate the offer and plan to ask Larson tomorrow whether he'd like a bike.

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