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Fluoride critical in child development

Dentists Eric Lawton and Sonya Acree say fluoride plays a bigger role than most people think, especially for those who depend on it the most… children.

"Fluoride is very important especially in school aged children. It's been proven that fluoride decreases carriers by 50-70%," said Dr. Lawton.

They think commissioners in Pinellas County, Florida made a big mistake by taking fluoride out of the county's drinking water.

"When you see a child that comes from an area where there's no fluoride in the well water, the kids suffer. Their dental health suffers," said Dr. Acree

Dr. Acree says when children grow up in rural communities, like the ones found here in Southwest Georgia, and depend on well water, their health is the most at risk for fluoride deficiency

This can lead to cavities and oral decay.

Both dentists say replacing fluoride and buying fluoride supplements can be expensive, especially for those families who have low incomes or simply can't afford dental insurance.

"I think it's a bad move. I think it's a lot easier to just keep the fluoride in the water supply instead of trying to depend on other sources for the children to get it," said Dr. Lawton.

As with anything, too much fluoride can hurt you, but the dentist say very large amounts of fluoride would have to be consumed to see damage.

Most public water systems in our area add fluoride, but if you rely on well water, you might want to talk to your dentist for alternative solutions.


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