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Plans set to improve Flint River

Flint River Keeper told members today what has been done in the last year to protect the river. And they say more needs to be done.

The organization says drought is not the only danger to the river.

They also handed out awards Wednesday for great volunteer work.

Among their many topic was the river's biggest problems including how too many people are using the water in North Georgia.

"Basically, we're over permitting the upper Flint," said Flint River Keepers Board Chair Paul DeLoach. "Our water is overused. So, that means less and less water coming down throughout the state and into Florida at Apalachicola. That impacts us all."

They are planning to begin a three year study to end erosion of flows.

But, the executive director of Flint River Keepers says South Georgia has lower flows too. And it's not a natural thing.

"We have seen record setting low flows during recent drought periods," said Executive Director Gordon Rogers. "But, these haven't been record droughts. These are serious droughts. But, they're not record droughts."

Increasing man-made problems with the River is one reason why they honored a few people who volunteer to preserve the waters.

They say their work can improve the economy.

"I'll tell you this, and I tell every legislator I come across," said DeLoach. "There's not a better incubator for a job than clean water. Clean, flowing water."

Flint River Keeper says they will have a meeting for the upper Flint in November.


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