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Johnson's defense will get to see confidential informant info.

In a separate hearing Tuesday afternoon, Johnson's attorneys filed a civil suit against the city requesting to see evidence in the case from a confidential informant.

They say informant's file should be included in the open records request they made to the city for all evidence in the case.

City officials today said the confidential informant never testified at the trial.

They argued that information should be excluded because no one will come forward with information if the city can't protect their information as promised.

"In future litigations people won't feel free to come forward. It's a contract between the police department and a confidential informant, which suggest that I'll give you this information, I'll help you in your investigation and sometime give you a light down that tunnel if you will indeed protect my interests," said Chimere Chisolm, Albany City Attorney.

Judge Denise Marshall ruled that the city must turn over the file to the defense but can redact information that would identify the informant.

The defense will get the information Wednesday.

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