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Lawnmower ride ends with arrest

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The City of Roses RV Park was anything but roses Saturday night.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is just one of many charges lodged against Michael Thompson who was arrested on his lawn mower. "He endangered the lives of children, he endangered the lives of adults, he endangered a lot of property with his actions and what he said he as going to do and what he attempted to do. This could have been a very bad situation," said Thomas County Sheriff's Captain Steve Jones.

Investigators say Thompson attempted to set fire to the trailer where his ex-girlfriend lived. Thompson also threatened to kill a 14-year old boy and assaulted him with tires.

Investigators say the teen did not require medical attention. "These charges are serious offenses. The arson alone can carry some substantial time. The obstruction, felony obstruction of officers, are not going to help him at all, but the arson is going to be the more serious of the offenses," said Jones.

Police say someone saw Thompson leaving the park on his lawn mower and drive towards a BP gas station.

This is where deputies made contact with Thompson. "When they encountered Mr. Thompson he was belligerent, he was combative, he would not follow anyone's instructions. Wound up deputies had to physically remove him from the lawn mower," said Jones.

After he was handcuffed, Thompson rolled onto his back and made several attempts to kick the deputies.

He also attempted to kick out a window in the patrol vehicle. He was denied bond and remains at the Thomas County Jail. 

Michael Thompson faces a long list of charges including aggravated assault, attempted arson, and cruelty to children.

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