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Hunter attacked by wounded bear

Hunters shot a black bear Saturday in Clinch County. When they approached it to finish it off, One of their dogs nipped the bear, and he bit Mitch Canady from Baker County, Florida.  

The bear severely injured Canady's right wrist and caused wounds to his chest. Canady was taken to Shand's in Jacksonville.

WALB will have more information later today.


Here is a news release from the DNR's Wildlife Resources Division

On October 1st, RFC Shipes was working bear hunting activity in the southeastern part of the county when he was notified by Tri County 911 that an individual had been severely bitten by a black bear while hunting. 

RFC Shipes responded, along with Sgt. Patrick Dupree, to GA Hwy 187 and Tower Road to investigate the incident.   RFC Shipes learned that a group of hunters were actively pursuing the bear with hounds near Suwannoochee Creek when it crossed a timber company road. 

One hunter shot the bear twice with buckshot striking the animal.  The shooter and victim approached the bear and it was shot again.  As they approached even closer a hound flushed the bear in the direction of the hunters and the bear knocked the victim to the ground. 

The bear bit the victim causing the most serious damage to the wrist area.  The victim also sustained additional puncture wounds to his chest and pelvic area.  While the victim was on the ground with the bear on top of him the other hunter pulled and kicked the 350 pound animal off of the victim and was able to shoot the bear a fourth time killing it. 

The victim was transported to the nearest highway by members of the hunting party to meet up with emergency medical technicians. Due to the severity of the wounds, the victim was airlifted by helicopter to Jacksonville, FL to receive specialized treatment for his injuries.


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