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Cleaning Up: City to demolish 25 dilapidated homes

ALBANY (WALB) - The city of Albany it set to undertake one of its largest demolition projects ever.

More than two dozen blighted homes on Corn Avenue will come down.

Code enforcement officers say it's a major step toward ridding the community of abandoned properties.

"Code enforcement... Anyone in here get out," said Code Enforcement Director Mike Tilson as he entered one of the abandoned homes.

No one was inside, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been used. Piles of trash littered ever room of the house.

"The holes in the ceiling - that's where people have stripped the electrical wiring for copper," he said.

In these houses, unkempt is understatement.

"They're just nasty," Tilson said,

Liquor bottles, discarded booze cans, old blankets and mattresses, and human waste is the décor in the majority of these homes in the 900 block of Corn Avenue.

Tilson says they're a haven for vagrants and gang members.

Built in 1955, in recent years these homes, which make up 2 city blocks, have fallen on hard times.

"These houses have just deteriorated so badly, they don't need to be around anymore," Tilson said.

And they won't be around much longer. Last month the city got a court order to demolish the blighted properties. It will be one of the largest residential demolitions in Albany history.

"You have a housing authority right across the street. You have kids that live over there. And for them to have to live near this, it's sad," he said.

Once an asbestos inspection is conducted, the city will get bids for the actual demolition

The homes should be gone by no later than February

Officials estimate it will cost about $100,000 dollars to demolish the homes.

Code Enforcers say the property owner has gone out of business.

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