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NY fireman delivers World Trade Center steel

A New York fireman delivers a piece of steel from the World Trade Center to Moody Air Force Base where it will serve as a reminder of that fateful and the sacrifices made then.

Firefighter Paul Jockimo has a connection to Moody, helping the base set up a critical response team.

World Trade Center steel is unloaded from an SUV at Moody Air Force Base during a ceremony. Fireman Paul Jockimo drove 17 hours to escort the artifact from New York.

"A thank you doesn't cut it," said Jockimo. "A sorry doesn't cut it. I didn't know what else to do other than get this piece of steel. It's a small token for the bigger sacrifice of what the folks do here every single day."

He says he lost 18 of his closest friends on the morning of September 11, 2001 during those attacks. 

He was on vacation when it happened and as the second tower fell he was starting his peer support operation.

"It still stings," said Jockimo. "I was like everybody else. You call firehouse to firehouse and you ask for somebody and you hold your breath and wait for their reply."

"Most of them died while trying to save others," said Col. Christopher Short, the 23rd Wing Vice Commander. "That's a strong creed linked to Moody Air Force Base, both our first responders and our rescue group. It's a creed that others shall live.

Jockimo says folks from Moody were calling to check on him. In 1999, he helped them establish a critical incident response team and since then he's been there to conduct training.

This is 111 pounds of steel. It will soon be on display at the 23rd Wing's Headquarters and eventually make it's home at Moody's Heritage Center.

The vice commander says the steel represents strength and a way for folks to reflect on that day in history and what it means to our country.

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