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Randolph County man hit in drive

Ritchie Smith was working on a car in his Cuthbert shop around six Saturday night, when he heard a terrible noise.

"I heard a sound that sounded like a dynamite went off," says Smith.

The shop is right off of Highway 82, Smith stepped outside his shop to see a Ford Explorer on the side of the road, and a man picking up items under his truck.

"And he appeared to be removing something up under his vehicle," says Smith.

He walked closer to ask if the man needed help only to see wreckage in the street ,but as he walked closer to the scene he saw the haunting sight.

"I said this is a human being that this man has hit!"

Smith saw Johnny Taylor, 60, sprawled in the ditch in front of his home.

"His body was right against those rocks, with his head down and twisted right against those rocks. He was bleeding he had already bled to death and it was rough."

And he was not breathing.

Georgia State Troopers say the driver of the Explorer, Hoyt Lumpkin, is not facing charges because an investigation portrays that Taylor was walking in the road.

"His hat was right there and his body was over in the drain."

His family got in later that night and still in shock.

His sister Mattie Queen says, "The family is still in shock and we are trying to process it all, but like I said it was like a ton of bricks that hit me."

The fatality is still under investigation at this time.


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