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Three children dead in Valdosta fire


The scorched exterior of the North Forrest Street home is a SAD reminder of the fire that engulfed its walls taking the lives of three children who lived there.

Amarion Hollis, 5, Amari Hollis,4, and Juan Anderson III just one years old were found dead inside their North Forrest Street Home. The cause of death was likely smoke inhalation.

Valdosta Fire inspectors determined that unattended cooking in the kitchen started the blaze and that the home did not have a smoke detector.

The father was with the children during the fire. The flames and smoke spread so fast that the father says it was impossible to save them

The children's Aunt, Sheena Burch says, "He tried to get the kids but the smoke took over the house, and the flames as well. So he was unable to get the other three out."

The mother had six children in all, a house full boys and one girl.

According to the family the mother is attempting to be strong.

"We are just trying to be here with her for support. It is going to be a healing process and its not going to happen overnight, so we are just trying to be here for her and her family as well," says Burch.

The kids were a joy for the family to be around

"They are just adorable just precious angels," says Burch

"Lil Daddy used to like to rap and they used to like to dance and do the Michael Jackson dance they loved to dance," says family friend Tina Jones.

But they wish they cherished the last moments together.

"I just wish I would of told them I loved them, that's what I would have told them," says Jones. 

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