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More military contractors arrested on drug charges

Michael Moore, U.S. Attorney Middle District of Georgia speaks to the media Michael Moore, U.S. Attorney Middle District of Georgia speaks to the media

Federal investigators make more arrests in what they call a large scale conspiracy among civilians working as contractors at the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

Another 14 people are charged with possession of hydrocodone, crack cocaine, or marijuana.

They're linked to seven people who worked at the Marine Corps Logistics Base who were arrested last month. Investigators say this investigation is far from over.

No Marines were arrested. These are civilians working at the base or connected to people who worked there. We've learned because of the conspiracy charge each one of these individuals faces a potential fine of four million dollars.

For three days federal state and local drug agents have been looking for and arresting 14 individuals charged in a large scale conspiracy to distribute drugs on the Marine Corps Logistics Base.

"The defendants unlawfully conspired with each other and with other persons to eventually possess with intent to distribute hydrocodone, it's also known as Loretab, Vicodin and Lorcet also an amount in excess of 280 grams of crack cocaine and marijuana," said Michael Moore, U.S. Attorney Middle District of Georgia.

Investigators say some of the suspects supplied drugs to the base workers arrested last month. Others, were selling drugs in other areas of Dougherty County.

"There was one individual who was a former base worker and one individual who was working at another base," said Moore.

The arrests come exactly a month after seven people who worked for or were former contractors at the base were arrested and charged for distribution and possession of drugs.

"Yes, they're related even though some may not have face to face knowledge of it," said Moore.

The GBI says the effort is cleaning up a terrible drug problem in southwest Georgia.

"It allowed us in the law enforcement community to make a positive impact on the community by removing drugs and drug dealers thus making the neighborhoods safer," said Kim Baker, Special Agent in Charge, GBI-Sylvester.

Federal authorities released few details on how the drug were distributed because this case is far from over. "We're doing it in a way that's systematic and sort of pulling this problem out by the roots," said Moore, who promised more arrests over the next few months.

In addition to that four million dollar fine, those found guilty could face a minimum of 10 years in jail. Federal authorities indicated there's a lot more to come in this case, they can only characterize as big.

Here's a list of the 14 people just indicted in the case.

Justin Mathis
Davis Travis
James Williford
Tomecca Stubbs a/k/a Maria McGhee, a/k/a Meka
Bertrond Hall a/k/a Tron
Demario Covin a/k/a Mario
Casey Stamps
Geter Antwon Brown
Brandon Kierce
Demetrius Davenport
Antonia Bernard Chevers
Eric Dellinger a/k/a Eric Dellin
James Ellis

Here's the list of seven arrest and charged in August:
Akeem Daniel
Bryan Santos
Roy Shine
Nathaniel Swan Sr.
Michael Teemer
Willie Watts
Jonathan Webb
Leon Winsberry


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