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Officers can read fingerprints on scene

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Drug agents used a new piece of technology for the first time during raids they conducted Thursday in Albany. It lets officers fingerprint and identify a suspect on the scene.

The handheld wireless communication Rapid I-D system runs a fingerprint through the Georgia Identification System.

If the suspect is in the system, investigators immediately know his identity and whether he's wanted for any crimes. Officers say that will greatly speed up I-D'ing suspects.

"If we have before, we'd have to take them out to jail, go through the jail process to fingerprint them. Determine their identity from there," said Corporal Paul Guhl of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office got a $21,000 grant from GEMA and Homeland Security to buy six Rapid ID units.

They were given to Dougherty County Police, Albany Police,  the Sheriff's Office, and the drug unit.


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