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A family's bond

Deerfield-Windsor cross country runner McKenzie Davis is used to moving across the country.  Davis' father is a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps who was just transferred to the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany.

WALB News Ten's Shayne Wright reports the high school senior gave up a lot at her old high school to move with her family to South Georgia.

What was just another a cross country meet for most of runners at the Deerfield-Windsor Cross Country "Fish Camp Frolic" was everything but for McKenzie Davis. What looked like just another an embrace from father to daughter was even more special because this embrace would be one of their last for some time.

"You definitely have to be open minded and be willing to accept change and be flexible, go with the flow."

That's because Dad is also Lt. Col Don Davis of the United States Marine Core and today is his last day to see his baby girl put her feet to the floor before a long flight to Afghanistan where moments like this are only experienced in memory

"Definitely my faith has helped to adjust and just get used to it"

So after few words of encourage she was off on her 3.1 mile race and she ran, and ran, and with Col. Davis or Dad in eyes view,she won.

You see, the moment for McKenzie was a path she chose after having the chance to stay in Virginia but for this young runner sometimes distance can't be measured in miles.

"First instinct go with your family it would be selfish for me to stay back. I would be Valedictorian, I would be in my comfort zone but I wouldn't be with my family and that's not what I would want."

That was it. The day was done for the duo in red...all that was left was goodbye. For now.

"Thank you and I love"

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