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Ancient Albany bridge covered in green

The Broad Avenue bridge was condemned two and a half years ago. Now it's nothing more than a concrete kudzu patch.

Prep work will begin next spring to tear down the bridge, but until then, it's an eyesore covered with wild weed.

The Kudzu is a couple of feet thick, spreading from one side of the bridge to anther and even heading out to the street.

The Japanese weed that spreads like wildfire.  "The further it's allowed to grow, the more difficult and expensive it will be to control over time," said Mark's Greenhouse Nursery Manager Martin Edwards.

Edwards says if kudzu is not treated early it can become a lingering nuisance. "It can grow up to and sometimes more than one foot in a 24 hour period under ideal growing conditions."

The kudzu is progressing so fast, it has almost made its way a quarter up the bridge, almost even engulfing a lamp post. Edwards says if the kudzu grows and reaches to other areas such as the Turtle Park playground it will consume the nearby tree and shrubs just as it did the light pole, causing headaches for residents and city workers.

It is very invasive and it will choke out, if left uncheck, it will choke out shrubs, trees and other vegetation. Edwards says the kudzu problem could have been worse, but the hot, dry summer likely slowed down its growth.

We checked with city officials. They say since the state owns the bridge, it is the responsibility of the State DOT to maintain the kudzu.  The Broad Avenue Bridge is nearly 90 years old.

The DOT will accept bids in November and begin site prep work in the spring.


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