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Sizemore family says time for killer to be executed

Relatives of a Lee County murder victim say it's about time the killer was put to death.

Marcus Ray Johnson is scheduled to be executed in ten days.

In 1994 he brutally raped and murdered Angela Sizemore,  a 34-year old single mother. Angela Sizemore's family said that it has been a long and often painful 17 years for them since her tragic murder. They feel that the October 5th execution of Ray Johnson will bring closure, and hopefully peace to the family.

Angela Sizemore's relatives say they are ready for the October 5th execution of Marcus Ray Johnson.

James Sizemore said "If anybody, in my opinion, deserves the death sentence, he does. And I think it's long overdue."

James Sizemore is Angela Sizemore's uncle, and the family spokesperson as the execution date approaches.

He says Angela Sizemore is remembered fondly. Sizemore said "She was a sweet girl."

In March 1994 Sizemore met Johnson at a bar, and left with him. Prosecutors say Johnson took her to a small pond in Northwest Albany and killed her, and then left her body in her SUV in an East Albany field. James says the family is still haunted by the sadistic murder.  Sizemore said "She was brutalized. A senseless killing. She put up a struggle to defend herself, and I think he stabbed her 40 something times. Impaled her, beat her up."

It took four years before Johnson was tried for her murder and convicted. Now 13 years later Johnson has finally exhausted all his appeals.

Sizemore said "They ready for it to be over. They think it should have happened a long time ago. But the system is so slow."

Following the controversy of the Troy Davis execution last week, the Sizemore family feels Johnson's case should not bring so much opposition..

Sizemore said "There was a little doubt on the other one. There is no doubt on this one. He was the murderer."

And his execution they feel will bring closure after 17 years.

 Sizemore said "I'm sure it will bring a lot of relief to the family. Absolutely."

They say it's time for justice to finally be served in Angela Sizemore's senseless death.

James Sizemore said Angela's mother, sisters, and daughter plan to be in Jackson for the execution, set for 7PM on October 5th.

The Georgia Attorney General's Office Monday said there have been no appeals filed by Marcus Ray Johnson's attorney, but the office spokesperson said it's common practice in death penalty cases to wait until the day of execution to file last minute appeals.

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