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Marine Base turns landfill gas to energy

Dougherty County and Albany city officials were on hand to unveil and "flip the switch" on their new $20-million toy.

This green machine will turn landfill gas from the Fleming Road Landfill into energy for the base.

"This is energy that would be wasted or not used. We are able to capture it and utilize it and generated electricity and steam with it," said Chevron Energy Solutions Senior Vice President John Mahoney.

The new Landfill Gas-To- Energy Project will increase the base's use of alternative energy sources and increase energy security.

According to Chevron officials, the new machine will even reduce more than 19,000 tons of carbon emissions. That's equivalent to taking 16,000 cars off the road.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard feels the project will serve the base well, which in return will help Dougherty County.

"With all the things going on with the economy... Making this base more efficient, making this base more viable, it couldn't come at a better time," said Chairman Sinyard.

"It is huge for the folks that work here. It's huge for future missions and this brings a lot of excitement for those around the country and really around the world," Chairman Sinyard continued.

Chevron officials say the new machine will save the base nearly $2-million a year in energy costs.

The $20-million for the project came from private investors, backed by a guarantee from Chevron that savings will actually be generated. 

The Landfill Gas-To- Energy Projects is the first of its kind within the Department of the Navy and the people here at the base are happy to have the first machine of its kind here in Southwest Georgia.


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