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Albany Police to host Security Seminar

Albany Police want to you help you protect your property from criminals.

Because thefts, especially air conditioner metal thefts, are such a big problem right now Albany Police will host a Security Seminar Saturday to teach you ways to keep from becoming the next victim.

 APD will host the Security Seminar  at the Civic Center starting at ten in the morning. They want everyone from the community, especially business and property owners, to join them in making Albany's streets safer.

Kay Hughes shows us what's left of her three air conditioners outside Albany Printing Company on North Madison, after metal thieves stripped them this week.

Hughes said "They cleared everything. They took the motors, wiring, copper, everything out of it."

Hughes said this is the third time in a year and a half her business's air conditioners have been destroyed by metal thieves. An expensive crime that she worries could cause long term business problems.

Hughes said "It's costing us five thousand dollars or our insurance company at least five thousand dollars to replace each of these units. And ultimately what it probably is going to cost us is getting our insurance canceled."

Albany Police know businesses and property owners are being targeted by crooks, So they will host a security seminar Saturday to help protect their property.

Albany Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "business owners, property owners, rental agencies, realtors, churches. Anybody that's in town that owns property and is concerned and wants to know how they can best protect their property."

Police will show you various ways to discourage crooks, and recommend some of the latest technology in alarm and surveillance systems that cops say really works. Police say working together the community can cut these business thefts.

 Albany Police Detective Tim Harvey said "We can't do it by ourselves. There is a lot more people out there in the community than there are police officers, so we need all the help we can get."

After their air conditioner theft, Albany Printing employees parked a couple of cars and trucks around their last working unit, and painted on it " I will get you" on it to discourage crooks. Hughes said she plans to attend Saturday's Security Seminar to get some more ideas about protecting her business.

Albany Police are inviting anyone interested in crime prevention to attend the Security Seminar tomorrow, at the Civic Center, from 10 to 1. They say they want your help taking back the city's streets, and know they have to partner with you to do it.

There will be several alarm system companies and other security businesses at Saturday's Security Seminar to show business and home owners the latest equipment and technology to safeguard their property.

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