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Albany volunteers clean trash in the Flint River

Dozens of volunteers helped clean up trash from the Flint River Friday, to protect one of South Georgia's greatest natural resources.

Employees from MillerCoors Brewery said it's only natural for them to clean and protect the Flint, because their plant depends on clean water. More than 50 MillerCoors employees joined Flint Riverkeeper volunteers for the clean up effort. The corporation CEO even came to join in what he said is vital work for the community.

These waters are the key ingredient to the beer products workers make at Albany's MillerCoors plant.

MillerCoors CEO Tom Long said "Access to pure, clean water and abundance of it is important. Now more than ever, as our water sources become more threatened. We've got to pay more attention to it, and our people here in Albany care a lot about it."

That's why dozens of MillerCoors employees and family members went out on the Flint River and Lake Worth today, picking up trash. They joined with Flint Riverkeeper volunteers for the clean up of what they call South Georgia's economic engine.

Flint RIverkeeper Executive Director Gordon Rogers said "The South Georgia economy, both industrial and agricultural, which you can hardly separate the two, is completely dependent on abundant clean water."

The water stewards today said they found good news, little trash on the Flint River to pick up.  A pleasant surprise after problems of trash accumulation they found in past years. For MillerCoors, cleaning and protecting South Georgia's water sources should be important to everyone in the community.

 MillerCoors Albany Brewery Plant Manager Tim Dill said "There is environmental consciousness and there's good business. And the water in Albany Georgia merits both those criteria."

The volunteers picked up trash from the Cleve Cox landing past Cromartie Beach to the River upstream from the old Naval Base.

And the Flint Riverkeeper members were happy they didn't find much trash or pollution from businesses upstream. They say that means Georgians to the north of us are helping keep the River clean.

MillerCoors dedicates the entire month of September to water conservation, supporting volunteer efforts in water stewardship.

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