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Technology: Friend or Foe?

Randy Young Randy Young
Lee McMullen Lee McMullen
Dr. Craig Wentworth Dr. Craig Wentworth

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - In the last 20 years we've advanced from cordless phones to smart phones, the phone book to Facebook, and mouse pads to IPads.

Technology has drastically changed the way we live, learn, and work. But is it for the best?Young people these days need to learn about advances in technology to keep up with the pack.

And while many new tools are great assets in life, they can also be a hindrance. "When I first started teaching they were fascinated just to learn how a television worked. Well now that's no big deal. I mean the editing software that was industry standard just 10 years ago now you can just download it on your home computer and do the editing at home," said Broadcast Production Director Randy Young.

Young is the Broadcast Production Director at Thomas County Central High School. The program has much of the state of the art equipment used in newsrooms around the country. "The kids that are in this really sink themselves in it. They like it. I don't have to beg them to come to class," said Young.

Young says people can become too dependent on technology. "In fact the software you see behind me is an audio recording software that has a thing called auto tune in it where if you record somebody's vocal track and they're singing and if they're off pitch, you can go into the program and correct the pitch."

One of Young's former students turned teacher's assistant says there are positives and negatives to today's technology. "One of the positives is they can do things and find out information that I couldn't find. There's so much at their fingertips they can find. The negative for it is you lose a lot of that face to face aspect that you do have to have still in this industry," said Teacher's Assistant Lee McMullen.

The President at Southwest Georgia Tech says budget cuts make it a challenge to keep up with technology. "I've been in our technical college system now over 21 years and I've really seen just a growth of the use of technology. Not just in the students learning technological skills, but also in the teaching methodologies," said President Craig Wentworth.

McMullen says he remembers going to the library for his research. He says for research these days, his students never leave the classroom.

Young says even with all the technological advances, he still has his students write all of their scripts by hand.

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