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Four charged with arson, murder in Dawson man's death

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Four people are in jail charged with murder and arson a week after a Dawson man was killed at his home.

Forty-one year old Walter Bell was found dead in his backyard on First Avenue around 4:30 last Thursday morning.

Three hours earlier, firefighters had to put out a fire in a room of his home.

Investigators later ruled it arson.

Now his daughters are speaking out about their father's death and what they fear was the motivation behind it.

The GBI still isn't releasing many details on how Walter Bell's home was set on fire or why he was shot to death. Family members believe he was robbed and they feel robbed as well.

A weeklong investigation into the arson and homicide of Walter Bell culminated in the arrests of Christopher Buffin, Manchino Hudson, Bryant Hughley, and Dominique Polite. The family and friends of Walter Bell won't soon forget their faces.

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"We feel like we want justice served we don't believe that anyone deserved what happened to him to happen to them," said Carolyn Williams, friend and mother of Bell's children.

Their worst fear realized, the motive for Bell's murder, they believe was a large sum of money he'd recently received in disability stemming from two previous car crashes.

"They did tell us that they had traced it back that the check, had been cashed," said Williams.

Those men didn't just rob Bell and take his life, they've robbed his daughters, just getting to know their father again.

"I remember time from when I was little and her was around and the only think I wanted was to have that back," said Monique Williams, Bell's daughter.

They'd only reconnected with their father about three months ago when he moved back to Dawson after living in New Jersey for 10 years.

"I'm not angry I'm more hurt than anything, that this is a small town, everybody knows everything and for someone to go and kill someone about something so little as money," said Shanera Williams, Bell's daughter.

Now the plans they were making....

"We were working toward him meeting my fiance, but like I said it will never happen now," said Monique.

...Are cut short, but they don't have hate in their hearts.

"God said hate no one, so I would never put myself in that situation where I have to hate that person, but I do hope justice gets served," said Monique.

More hurt for what could have been. The GBI did say this doesn't conclude their investigation with the Dawson Police Department, but wouldn't say if more arrests are planned. Funeral services for Walter Bell will be held this Saturday at 2:00 at the First Shiloh Baptist Church in Dawson. A fund is being established at Regions Bank in Albany to help the family with funeral expenses.