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Asst. City Mgr. releases redistricting plan

Assistant Albany City manager Wes Smith has formulated a redistricting plan and budget which he sent to WALB. 

Smith says the plan is subject to change, but importantly, the first two public information meetings are set. 

Here is the plan, as submitted by the Assistant City manager's Office:


Redistricting Plan and Budget
September 20, 2011


The City of Albany needs to revise its current Commission districts due to population shifts documented in the 2010 census.  The process involves bringing all six districts to within 5% of the ideal district population of 12,906. 

 Two "working" maps have been prepared by Linda Meggers, an experienced professional in developing these district maps.  The maps have been provided to City Commissioners and made available to the general public and press. 

This document is to lay out the general plan for completing the process as follows:


Step 1: Obtain comments from current City Commission members.  Initiated August 2, 2011.

Step 2: Public Hearing for general information. September 27, 2011.  Room 100 Government Center, 6:00 PM.

Step 3: Public Hearing for general information.  October 13, 2011.  ASU Orine Hall, 10:00 AM.

Step 4: Revise working maps to incorporate Commission and public comments. November 2011.  *Cost $225.

Step 5: Commission review and discussion of new map.  January 2012.  *Cost $529.

Step 6: Public hearing on new map February 2012.  *Cost $529.

Step 7: Final revision of map for Commission consideration.  *Cost $225.

Step 8: TENATIVE: Additional public hearing to review final revised map before Commission vote.  TBD.  *Cost $529.

Step 8: Commission review and approval. March 2012.

Step 9: Submission to Department of Justice.



Notes:  *Linda Meggers professional service rate $75 per hour.  Linda Meggers travel costs for meetings in Albany $304.

Redistricting continued:


Total cost estimate:                $2,037 (Meggers)

                                                $463 Misc.

                                                $1,000 Advertising

                                                $3,500 TOTAL ESTIMATE


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