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Metal recycler helps cops

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -One metal recycling company may have prevented a crime.

When two people came in to sell scrap metal, one small detail kept them from getting their money. That caused an employee to call the cops.

The sound of cans being dumped and compacted is a familiar noise at Southeastern Aluminum Recycling on North Broadway Street. People are constantly coming and going cashing in on aluminum, copper, paper, plastic and more.

Employee Amelia Coe became suspicious when a man and woman brought in a metal air conditioner coil Saturday.

"I tried to delay them until the police came," said Coe.

A coil from a two ton residential unit was marked with yellow spray paint. The initials BS were painted on it.

"Surprisingly, if people had enough sense they wouldn't try to sell it because it's marked," Coe noted. "I recommend people to mark their coils."

That's also what police recommend. Coe got the suspect's ID and tag number and reported it to police. They recommend everyone mark the copper inside their ac units.

"It's great," said APD Media Manager, Phyllis Banks. "The person who had items stolen took the time to mark items because that will help in the recovery effort."

Southeastern Aluminum Employees say they'll continue to follow regulations, and police hope this will help them "can" those metal thieves.

Right now, recyclers pay about $1.30 per pound for copper. Those thieves had a 39 pound coil. They would have gotten about $50 for it.

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