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Almost fifty people homeless after Valdosta apartment fire

Charred from fire and smoke two apartments were destroyed by fast spreading flames at the Commons in Valdosta.

Around 2PM Sunday afternoon, flames had engulfed the second and third floor of an apartment building, trapping many inside.

Captain Jason Rowan says, "We had multiple people that needed rescue; Our fire fighters pulled together to actually get six people out of the structure."

The flames spread quickly, destroying whatever it touched. In a case of desperation, The Halls found themselves caught in their third story apartment.

"I ran to the balcony and everybody was outside in a panic telling me to 'jump there's a fire it's coming'," says Katrina Hall.

Her son and daughter was with her, as well as her young grandson.

"If that baby was going to get down right then, I knew that I had to do it." says Hall.

She climbed onto the three story high balcony rail and jumped down to the second, all while balancing the baby in her arms.

"And there was like three or four people down there and they were like 'drop the baby, drop the baby, we'll catch him'."

Leona Watson was awakened by her children about the blaze across the hall.

Leona Watson says," Just as we were running down stairs, the second story window busted then the third story window busted. And all you saw was flames and its just going up in smoke."

Her daughter and neighborhood friends saw the flames first and made it their duty to let everyone know.

Kara Watson says,"It looked big, black, and very bright"

"You felt like you were in an oven it was very hot" says Watson.

The Red Cross and Disaster Relief was on site to give to the victims, setting up plans to shelter those displaced.

"We are looking to open a shelter in town for approximately fifty people," says Executive Director of the Red Cross Terri Jenkins.

Although a sad scene to witness no fatalities were reported.

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