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Worth Co. senior citizens fall for scam

Ernestine Morris was a little surprised when she got a call from who she thought was Worth County Center Service Manager Lillie Polite.

"I was about sleep when they called. It was about 8:30 in the morning and I asked her, 'Are you sure you work for Ms. Polite?'," said Morris.

The caller asked for Morris' birthday and social security number in return for financial assistance. 

After Morris hung up with the caller, she called the real Ms. Polite and found out the bad news.

"I said oh my God, Ms. Polite I've been scammed. I gave up my social security number and now I don't know what's going to come of it," said Morris.

About 15 people have fallen for the scam.

Southwest Georgia Community Action Council Service Director Denise Bell says the scam has been going on since July.

Citizens who receive one of these calls shouldn't fall for this gimmick.

"We would not call you out of the blue and ask you for that information, so we want people to keep that in mind. If ever in doubt, hang up the phone and call us and see if it was us," said Bell.

As for Morris, she says she learned a valuable lesson.

"If you aren't coherent enough to talk to somebody on the phone then don't give them anything," said Morris.

And has these words for other potential victims.

"They're out here doing this, so be careful because it could happen to you," said Morris.

The Worth County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating who may be behind these calls.

If you are a victim of this scam and gave out your information, check with your bank or credit card company and make sure there aren't any fraudulent charges on your account.

If you have any tips or leads on this case please call the Worth County Sheriff's office.


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