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Digging Deeper: The Triggerlock project

Nearly a half dozen bullets were fired into windows of two south Albany apartments early Friday morning, narrowly missing a sleeping infant. Luckily no one was injured. The District Attorney says Albany has no more gun crime than anywhere else, but he's targeting gun crime offenders with federal charges.

Bullets ripped through downstairs and upstairs windows of two Gayle Gardens Apartments around 1:30 AM. Those inside were too frightened to speak with us on camera, but say the bullets narrowly missed a friend in a chair watching TV an infant sleeping in a crib.

They want the suspect caught and District Attorney Greg Edwards says if circumstances apply he'll hit whoever is responsible with heavy penalties under 'Program Triggerlock.'

"We look at all of the circumstances in relation to who the offender was and whether it would qualify for Triggerlock probably would be based on those circumstances," Edwards said.

 Assistant District Attorneys are designated as Assistant U. S. Attorneys and they're looking at suspects who may have committed a gun crime before. "In fact that's what Triggerlock was designed to deal with-- those individuals as you just described that have some record, and they are involved with gun crimes and the Triggerlock program can get you up to a life sentence," Edwards said.

Edwards says the best way to deal with gun crimes is to prevent them, by keeping guns secure and not allowing them to get on the streets. 

"Crime if it's prevented is the best formula, but probably the other thing that we want them to understand if you engage in this crime there's going to be serious consequences for the individual committing the crime," said Edwards.

He hopes citizens with information on gun crimes will turn in offenders, using methods like Crimestoppers.   "Those people are never actually talking to a police officer when they call the Crimestoppers number," said Judy Randle of CrimeStoppers.

They say Albany has no more gun crime that anywhere else and they hope a program like Triggerlock with make offenders think twice, knowing the consequences of their crime could send them to jail for life.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says several suspects have successfully been prosecuted under the Triggerlock project and were given sentenced from 15 years to life in prison.


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