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Shots fired into two South Albany apartments

Bullets flew through at least four windows at Gayle Garden Apartments just before 2:00AM Friday.

Neighbors tell us the bullets narrowly missed a woman sitting by the window and an infant sleeping in a crib.

The District Attorney is cracking down on gun crimes, and says if suspects are caught, they could face federal charges and more time in jail.

Bullet holes riddle the windows of Apartments four and five at Gayle Gardens on West Gordon Avenue. The woman who lives in Apartment four didn't want to talk on camera, fearing for her safety, but told us she and a friend had to crawl to the bathroom on the floor to escape the bullet that flew past her chair.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says law enforcement in Albany won't put up with these crimes. "We are very serious about prosecuting gun crimes so if those perpetrators are detected and prosecuted under this program they're looking at very serious time."

That program is Operation Trigger lock. It puts suspects who commit gun crimes in the cross hairs.

"We are working in conjunction with federal authorities to impose Project Trigger lock sanctions for those involved in gun crimes."

Assistant District Attorneys are designated as Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and can impose federal charges.

"The resulting federal punishments are very severe, we're talking minimum, the last case we did the person that was convicted of a Trigger lock violation got 15 years without parole."

In the case on West Gordon, no one was shot, but neighbors fear with bullets whizzing by babies, next time the outcome could be different. They hope someone who saw something might report it and that's what Crimestoppers wants.

"That's the purpose of CrimeStoppers is it is an opportunity for people to report a crime anonymously,it's completely anonymous again they don't have to give their name or their telephone number," said Judy Randle of  CrimeStoppers.

Those who lived in the apartment are all finding somewhere else to stay, hoping whoever did this will be caught. 

Police say they have few leads in the case. Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call Albany Police or CrimeStoppers at 229-436-TIPS. 


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